ITT Mackay To Market Oil Pollution Monitoring Equipment In The U.S.

Expansion of marine petroleum monitoring and processing equipment in the U.S. market was announced recently by Alan Finkel, vice president of marine operations operations for ITT Mackay Division, Raleigh, N.C., a unit of International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation.

ITT Mackay, a division of ITT Telecommunications Corporation, has assumed exclusive representation in the U.S. for sales and service of ITT Oilcon™ oil-inwater monitoring equipment and of ITT's marine fuel-oil blending systems.

Oilcon systems use lasers to rapidly and reliably give continuous high-accuracy measurements of petroleum-product contamination in water discharged into the environment from ships or shorebased installations. Fiber optic cables transmit the readings to indicator and alarm devices. A new marine fuel-oil blender, recently introduced by ITT VAF Instruments, is also available in the U.S. exclusively from ITT Mackay. This device reduces fuel cost for auxiliary diesel engines that are capable of burning heavier distillate fuel. Heavy fuel carried for the main diesel is combined in a static mixer with highquality diesel oil to produce a fuel of predetermined viscosity. With this onboard system, a mixture that minimizes fuel costs for a particular installation can be produced keeping maintenance costs within reasonable bounds.

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