Raytheon Introduces JRC Color And Digital Rasterscan Radar Unit

Raytheon Marine Company of Manchester, N.H., has just introduced the new model JMA-3410 color radar that provides high-resolution color in a compact, digital, rasterscan unit. Raytheon is offering this advanced model, which is manufactured by Japan Radio Company, as exclusive distributor in the U.S., to bring the best in radar to vessel owners who want multi-color features. Raytheon designs and produces a full line of radar equipment for all types of vessels, and was the first to introduce rasterscan radar with monochrome displays.

The JMA-3410 radar presents continuous color images in 10 ranges from '/ to 72 nautical miles on a rectangular CRT measuring 14 inches diagonally. Low-intensity targets appear in green, middle-intensity targets in yellow, strong targets in red, and moving target vectors are plotted in blue. Monochromatic display can also be selected by the operator; this feature, not found in most color radars, is useful for enhanced clarity in some overly crowded conditions.

The digitally processed rasterscan images of the JMA-3410 stay on the screen until the data is updated by the next antenna sweep. The picture is therefore a continuous bright image, easy to see in all conditions (except direct full sunlight) without a viewing hood.

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