ASTM Forms Task Group On Standards For Ship Sensors And Instrumentation

A task group, under ASTM Committee F-25 on Shipbuilding, was formed recently to develop standards for shipboard sensors and instrumentation for automation and control of the ships' main propulsion and level limit applications.

Participants in this area are solicited to write standards for applications and general care of sensors and instrumentations. Committee F-25, one of ASTM's 138 standards-writing committees, is concerned with the development of standard specifications, test methods, definitions, and practices for design, construction, and repair of marine vessels.

The committee will hold its next meeting on May 23-25, 1983, in Philadelphia, Pa. For further information on the task group contact Frank Darvalics, Avondale Shipyards, Inc., POB 50280, New Orleans, La. 70150. Tel. (504) 436-5073; or William Hulse, ASTM Standards Development Division, 1916 Race Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 19103. Tel. (215) 299-5507.

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